The Courtyard

  You will enjoy sharing your meals outside under the lime-trees in the courtyard of the castle....see more

The castle

Located near Bordeaux with a courtyard of 1600m² and a rear garden of 3 hectares, Château Solon is an 18th century vinyard which still has all of its authenticity and character. We are proud to welcome you and ensure you will have an extraordinary...see more


Château Solon includes 8 bedrooms with a total capacity of 15 people, so you can enjoy extraordinary holidays, whether you are with a small or big group of friends and family. The 8 bedrooms are composed of: Mamita's Bedroom 1 double...see more

The garden

  Château Solon has a centenarian garden of multiple hectares inside of which long days of rest awaits you. Outdoor tables are available to you so that you can enjoy the weather. You will also find swings for your children to play...see more

The playroom

  This room has board games, a piano, a pinball table, a french pool table which can be turned into a tennis table, and more... The playroom is a room of multiple activities where children as well as adults can have fun. Book now for the...see more

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